december 25:presents and feasts


We enjoyed two present openings this Christmas day!  We wonder how Christmas would ever survive without kids.  It is entirely too fun to see them opening presents, and enjoying as many sugary things as they can. 

We also enjoyed two feasts, a Modern American-Finnish brunch at Mom and Dad B’s and a traditional turkey feast here in the evening.  It seems that as we get older, our emphasis is more on the feasting part than the present-opening part.  And what joy it is to have kids totally entertained while the feast preparations are going on.


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december 24:xmas eve service


Beautiful music, seeing familiar faces and enjoying being together as a family are some of the reasons we like the Christmas Eve service.  The kids think the candles are pretty cool (especially blowing them out says Stewart).   I really like that my kids behaved well enough for us to enjoy this year’s service, the little bow ties that the boys sported and finally, contemplating what Christmas is about.

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december 23:surprise visitors


Uncle Matt surprised us by coming home for the holidays (from Taiwan)!

We love that the holidays bring us together.  They provide a space for families and friends to gather and time for us to learn more about eachother.

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december 22:advent calendar


I like getting the advent stuff out.  It’s fun!  I get them out from pockets every day of advent.  A church, a peacock, a pink tree, a candy cane, and a star but my favorite is the candy cane.

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december 21:mistletoe


I just like the mistletoe…like under the candy canes. I want somebody else kissing the mistletoe.  I kiss under the mistletoe with daddy.

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december 20:outdoor lights


I was amazed when I saw this house.  I loved it so much.  It was so pretty.  I saw it close to our church (16th and New Jersey).  Maybe it took them one day and one night to do that.

 Mama, why don’t we have lights? 

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december 19:christmas parties


We never NEED a reason for a party around here, but it does help with the theme!

During this season, we like our parties with sweets, warmth, drinks, lights, snacks and lots of FRIENDS. It doesn’t hurt to have co-hosts either (thanks Beelers)! “Jingle… all the way!” 

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